New courses of FLDP in July - August 2010

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Prof. Abdelaziz Fattouh Abdel Aziz- director of FLDP program announce new courses that complete the FLDP project within months of July - August 2010 and published on the tables Program site to register and can be the teaching Stuff members to identify the course schedules of the degree of (Professor - Assistant Professor - Teacher - Assistant Teacher - lecturer) and download the registration form from this website on the Internet. And delivered to the Coordinator of College .

Grants from the DAAD for the exchange of visits between Egyptian and German researchers GESP

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The German Academic Exchange Service DAAD in collaboration with the Fund of Science and Technological Development Declares for grants for exchange visits between members of the scientific research team of Egyptian and German. Registration starts from 01.06.2010 until 09.30.2010, through the following website:

for more information visit DAAD on the following site:

And coordinator of the DAAD in Mansoura University Dr. Arafa Ahmed Arafa

Results of the training course for women on the electionl rights and duties for Egyptian Women in University Development Center

Mr. prof. Mohamed Hamed Elshapore - Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development and Mr. Prof. Shawky Mohamed Hassan - Director of University Development Center and Mr. Prof. Hassan Etman - manager of training and continuous education unit opend the activities of the training workshop:" The election Rights and duties of the Egyptian Women", Which was held on Monday, March 22, 2010 in Conference Hall, Faculty of Science for two days and participated in the activities of this workshop 51 members of the faculty staff and 59 women of administrative leaders of University in addition to 13 women leaders from outside the university.

New Three projects Of Tempus program For Mansoura University

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Mansoura University received funding of three projects from among the 6 projects obtained by the Egyptian universities from the Tempus program for the development of higher education funded by the European Union .