FP7 supports four activities: Cooperation, Ideas, People, and Capacities.





Support is given to the whole range of research activities carried out in trans-national cooperation, from collaborative projects and networks to the coordination of national research programmes. International cooperation between the EU and third countries (including Egypt) is an integral part of this action.

This action is industry-driven and organized in four sub-programmes:

- Research areas for FP7 collaborative research


1.    Health;

2.    Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology;

3.    Information and Communication Technologies;

4.    Nano-sciences, Nano-technologies, Materials and new Production Technologies;

5.    Energy;

6.    Environment (including Climate Change);

7.    Transport (including Aeronautics);

8.    Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities;

9.    Space


-     Collaborative research will constitute the bulk and the core of EU research funding. It involves developing joint research projects within the areas shown below*

-    Joint Technology Initiatives will mainly be created on the basis of the work undertaken by the European Technology Platforms

-     Coordination of non-Community research programmes

-     International Cooperation

N.B. Egyptian Research/Industrial Legal Entities are eligible to participate in all the Above Areas which will be supported by a massive funding.



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