U.S.- Egypt Joint Science and Technology Fund:

The U.S.-Egypt Joint Science and Technology Fund was established under the U.S. - Egypt Science & Technology Cooperative Agreement signed in 1995, and renewed in 2001 by the United States and the Arab Republic of Egypt. Te Joint Fund receives $3 million per year to distribute equally between Egyptian and American scientists working together on Joint Fund activities.


Joint Fund supports the following activities:

1- Joint research projects.

2- Junior scientist visits.

3- Organization of workshops.

 Find out more information on: http://cairo.usembassy.gov/usegypt.htm


IMPORTANT!!  There are two types of research grants available for joint research projects developed by U.S. and Egyptian science partners:


1- Dual-Cooperator research grants that involve the participation of at least one partner from each side and provide a maximum budget of $60,000.

2- Multi-Cooperator research grants that involve the participation of multi-disciplinary  research teams and provide a maximum budget of $180,000 .


These grants support research in the following priority areas:

  • Biotechnology

  • Standards and Metrology

  • Environmental Technologies

  • Manufacturing Technologies

  • Information Technologies

  • Energy.

  • Other Fields including; Geology, Anthropology, New Materials and Nanotechnology, Economics, and other Social Sciences


For more information on the application procedures and forms, please visit http://cairo.usembassy.gov/usegypt/grants.htm



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